Break. Beat. Box.

Multi-round, musical pugilism featuring jklabs and Ascent Stage


Jesse Kriss

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  1. Jesse Kriss : Doctored
  2. John Tolva : Prophetess
  3. Jesse Kriss : Choices
  4. next: John Tolva

This started with drums and keyboards. After listening to that loop for a few days, I finally hooked up the turntable and grabbed some records. The spoken samples are from a record I've been dying to use for a long time: it's a promo record of an interview with Miriam Makeba that I picked up from the giveaway pile at KRLX. (A quick web check reveals it on eBay for $75.)

The guitar sample is a lucky needle drop — I found it after about 30 seconds of playing with The Mississippi Blues No. 2, The Delta 1929-32. (Damn, that's selling for $107. Twenty-five dollars seemed like a lot at the time...)

Next rule

I'll leave the next round fairly open, John. Pick one of my source files, and use it in the cleverest way you can.

Chris says:

Jesse's opening volley certainly sets the bar high for this match. A kinda Moby-meets-Ninja Tune mashup if you will. The beat really doesn't do it for me after a few listens, especially since it's more or less static across the entire 6 minutes of the track. The vocal samples set the mood perfectly, and are straight out of anything DJ Krush might slip into a mix (doesn't help that I've been obsessively listening to "Cold Krush Cuts" recently). I'm curious to hear what Tolva does with this one; there's a large amount of great source material to work with. Knowing his (questionable) fondness for 80s and early 90s industrial and new wave, this match is definitely bound to get interesting.